Member Registration

CCE Members Registration

CCE Member registration is limited to baptised Brothers and Sisters of the Canterbury Ecclesia listed on the CCE Roll, as well as those listed on the Auxiliary Roll, and family members who are enrolled in Canterbury Sunday school, or additional family members who are granted access (by permission).

CCE Member registration requires acceptance of the web site Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and agreement that you have read and understand the Child Protection Policy.

Associate Members Registration

Associate member registration is offered to Baptised Brothers and Sisters from Ecclesias other than Canterbury Ecclesia who are listed on the VCAL ecclesial list, as well as others who are granted access by permission. Content is limited to the CCE archive of Exhortations and Bible Classes and other material that may be posted by CCE from time to time.

Associate member registration requires acceptance of the Privacy Policy and the web site Terms and Conditions which include acceptance that you will not share links to CCE Archive material with unregistered people.